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Hongxin machine tool main business scope

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The company's main products are TGK CNC deep hole scraping machine, deep hole blind hole boring machine, cylinder repair machine, deep hole boring machine (T2120/T2125/T2135/T2150 series), heavy duty deep hole boring machine (T2180/T21100 series) , single-axis CNC deep hole drilling machine (ZK2102/ZK2103 series), double-axis (four-axis) CNC deep hole drilling machine (ZK2102/ZK2103 series), CNC deep hole powerful honing machine (2MK2125/2MK2150/2MK2180 series), wind power spindle processing machine Deep hole drilling machine for oil drilling and drilling, heavy duty/special deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole nesting machine tool, etc. The processing diameter is from ??1.5mm to ??1250mm, the length specification is complete, and the processing hole depth can be up to 16m. Our company's deep hole products are unique in China, filling a number of domestic blanks, and the technical level and market share are leading in the domestic market. The company's supporting production and sales of various deep hole processing tools and accessories can meet the needs of various applications. , standard series BTA type machine clamp can be converted into deep hole drill bit, external chip drill bit, deep hole boring head, deep hole rolling head, deep hole honing head, rolling combination head (TGG, TTG) and German style (Korean) deep hole scraping head and other tools, and undertake the design and manufacture of non-standard deep hole tools and special hole machining tools

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