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ZK2102 ZK2103 single spindle CNC deep hole gun drilling machine is processed by gun drill external chip removal method. The machining method is carried out by means of workpiece and tool rotating at the same time and tool making feed movement. The machine tool is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and high automation. It can replace the machining precision and surface roughness that can be achieved by drilling, expanding and hingeing in one drilling. The processing aperture accuracy can reach IT7~IT10, and the surface roughness can reach Ra6.3-1.6??m. The tool feed adopts the servo drive system to realize stepless speed regulation. The spindle adopts stepless speed regulation. The workpiece clamping is hydraulically tightened. The machine bed is made of high-quality cast iron and has strong rigidity. It adopts high-precision ball linear guide and ball screw drive for good precision retention. The work is all digitally controlled, not only with single-acting performance, but also with automatic cycling performance, so it can meet the needs of small-volume production as well as big-volume production.

  This series of machine tools can be designed according to user requirements.

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