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T2160 deep hole trepanning machine

Technical Parameter

T2160 deep hole trepanning machine is a heavy-duty deep hole comprehensive processing equipment. The maximum hole diameter is ??600mm. It can complete the inner hole trepanning processing. The inner chip removal process is used during machining. The tool rotation and feed can also be used with both the tool and the workpiece. Rotate and pull out the bar. The machine bed has strong rigidity, good precision retention and a wide range of spindle speed. The feed system is driven by an AC servo motor and can be adapted to the needs of various deep hole trepanning processes. The pressure head fastening and the workpiece topping are displayed by hydraulic instrumentation. This equipment is especially suitable for the roll industry.

1), bed part: the bed body adopts two rectangular guide rails, the bed guide rail width is 1250mm, the workpiece bed body is T-shaped groove workbench, the material is made of HT300 high-quality cast iron, artificial aging.

2), Boring box part: speed range 16 ~ 26r / min, the box is made of HT300 high quality cast iron, artificial aging.

3), feed part: AC servo motor + reducer + Tr100X16 lead screw, 5 ~ 300mm / min stepless speed regulation.

4) Cutting fluid supply system: 2 sets of pump sets can provide two flow rates of 300L/min and 600L/min respectively, with cooling and filtering function.

5), Trepanning pipe bracket: for the upper and lower half-wafer structure, easy to replace the Trepanning pipe. The material is HT200, artificial aging.

6) Electrical control system: It consists of electrical control cabinet, AC servo drive and electrical control system.

  Main technical parameters of machine tool:
  Maximum trepanning diameter: ?? 600mm
  Maximum depth of trepaning hole: 5000mm

  Height from the flat guide rail to the center of the main shaft ------------ 600mm

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