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Technical Parameter

ZK21 series three-coordinate precision CNC deep hole drilling machine adopts gun drilling processing method (outer chip removal), tool rotation feed, workpiece is fixed on the workbench, the worktable can move vertically and horizontally; adopt imported or domestic numerical control system, with single Dynamic and automatic cycle function, three servo axes: X axis, Y axis, Z axis, using servo motor to drive the ball screw pair to realize the movement of each axis; the tool speed and feed rate are stepless speed regulation. The maximum drilling diameter is 20mm, 30mm. It is a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-automation machine that drills small holes using an external chip removal method. Through one continuous drilling, the processing quality that can be guaranteed by drilling, expanding and reaming processes can be achieved. The aperture accuracy is IT7-IT10 and the surface roughness Ra is 3.2-0.4 ??m. Widely used in small deep hole machining of parts such as automobile, motorcycle industry, mold industry, military industry, and aerospace industry. With high rigidity, high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, high torque, etc., it has a wide application range.


1. Using the gun drilling process, the drilling precision and surface roughness can be guaranteed by drilling, expanding and reaming in one drill.

2. The basic parts such as bed body, box body, work table and base are casted with high quality cast iron, precision grounded and processed. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, good precision retention and good vibration absorption.

3. The main shaft of the drill pipe box is driven by the AC main shaft motor, stepless speed regulation and stable low speed performance.

4. The three coordinate axes are driven by the AC servo motor and the ball screw drive can realize the processing of the coordinate holes. The Y axis adopts a double rectangular flat guide rail, and the Z axis adopts a rolling linear guide.

5, hanging CNC system console, easy to operate the machine.

6, equipped with a dedicated cooling system to provide high pressure, high flow and high cleaning cutting fluid for deep hole processing.

7. Equipped with automatic chip conveyor to achieve automatic cutting.

8. It is equipped with automatic oil temperature control device, which can automatically control the oil temperature to prevent the cutting fluid from deteriorating.

9. The rotation and feed of the tool are stepless speed regulation.

10, using FANUC oi MC numerical control system or KND-PRECION 01, ?? series AC servo motor

technical specifications


Zk2103 three coordinates

Drilling diameter range


Maximum drilling depth


Maximum left and right stroke of workbench (x axis)


Maximum travel up and down of main shaft (Y-axis)


Maximum travel of the front and back of the main shaft (Z axis)


Spindle motor power


X / Y / Z axis motor power


Motor power of high and low pressure pump


Spindle speed


feed rate 


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