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Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of deep hole drilling and boring machine. The machine tool is mainly used to process cylindrical workpieces, and the deep hole processing equipment with the cutter and the cutter rod moving forward. It can carry out drilling, boring and rolling processing, and can process through holes, step holes, blind holes, etc. the internal chip removal method is used in drilling. The tool feed adopts servo drive system to realize stepless speed regulation The machine bed is made of high-quality cast iron with strong rigidity and good accuracy. After quenching, the guide rail of the bed body has high wear resistance and good precision retention. It is widely used in mechanical hydraulic cylinder, special cylinder, coal cylinder, hydraulic machinery, high pressure boiler pipe, oil, military industry, electric power, aviation and other industries.

The machine tool is a series of products. It can also be designed to process eccentric holes, special holes and other deep hole processing machines according to the requirements of users.

I. basic process performance of machine tool:

1) the machine can complete the drilling, boring and rolling of the inner hole.

2) during machining, workpiece rotation, tool feeding and cutting liquid cooling enter into cutting liquid and chip discharge through oil feeder (or boring bar).

3) the BTA internal chip removal process is adopted during drilling. When boring, the cutting fluid and chips are discharged forward (head end).

4) according to the needs of processing technology, the drill pipe box can be installed and the cutter can rotate. Reduce the rotating speed of the workpiece, improve the processing efficiency and ensure the processing quality.

5) machining accuracy of machine tool:

Drilling: hole diameter accuracy it9-11. Surface roughness: ra6.3.

Coarse boring: aperture precision it9-10. Surface roughness: ra6.3.

Precision boring: aperture precision it8-9. Surface roughness: ra3.2.

Rolling: aperture precision it8-9. Surface roughness: Ra0.4.

Straightness of machining hole: less than 0.15/1000.

Outlet deflection of machining hole: less than 0.15/1000

6) machining efficiency of machine tool:

Cutting speed: determined according to the tool structure, material and workpiece material, generally 50-100min.

Feed speed: determined according to the processing conditions, generally 40-100mm / min.

Maximum machining allowance during boring: it is determined according to the structure, material and workpiece of the tool, generally not more than 30mm.

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