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T2235x3m deep hole drilling and boring machine from stock

T2135 deep hole drilling and boring machine is a deep hole processing equipment which mainly processes cylindrical workpiece, and the cutter and cutter bar do feeding movement. It can carry out drilling, boring and rolling processing, and can process through hole, step hole, blind hole, etc. the internal chip removal method is used in drilling. The tool feed adopts servo drive system to realize stepless speed regulation The machine bed is made of high-quality cast iron with strong rigidity and good accuracy. After quenching, the guide rail of the bed body has high wear resistance and good precision retention. It is widely used in mechanical hydraulic cylinder, special cylinder, coal cylinder, hydraulic machinery, high pressure boiler pipe, oil, military industry, electric power, aviation and other industries. 

Main technical specifications and parameters of machine tool:

Technical specifications



Boring diameter range


Drilling diameter range


Machining depth range

1-12m(One specification per 1 m interval)

Working clamp diameter range


Spindle center height


Headstock spindle diameter


Front end taper hole of spindle


Spindle speed range and series

30-500r/min Level 11

Diameter of drillbox spindle (optional)


Taper hole at the front end of drill  box  spindle (optional)


Speed range and steps ofdrill box  (optional)

80-350r/min   6 steps

Feed speed range (stepless)


Rapid speed of carriage


Spindle motor


Hydraulic pump motor


Carriage rapid motor


feed motor

N=5.5 kw (AC servo)

Cooling pump motor

N=5.5 kw,N=1460r/min(4 group)

Rated working pressure of cooling system


Cooling system flow


Rated working pressure of hydraulic system


Maximum axial force on the pressure head


Maximum pushing force of pressure head on workpiece


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