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Technical Parameter

Tk21100 deep hole drilling and boring machine

Basic technological performance of the machine tool:

1) drilling, boring, trepanning and burnishing of inner hole can be completed in this machine tool.

2) during machining, the workpiece rotates and the cutter feeds, and the cutting liquid cooling enters the cutting area through the pressure head (or boring bar), cools and lubricates the cutting area and takes away the chips.

3) the BTA internal chip removal process is adopted during drilling. When boring, the cutting fluid and chips are discharged forward .

4) according to the needs of processing technology, the drill  box can be installed and the tool  can rotate. Reduce the rotating speed of the workpiece, improve the processing efficiency and ensure the processing quality.

5) machining accuracy of machine tool:

Counter boring: aperture precision IT8-10. Surface roughness: Ra6.3.

Precision boring: aperture precision IT7-9. Surface roughness: Ra3.2.
 Burnishing: aperture precision IT7-9. Surface roughness: Ra0.4.

Straightness of machining hole: less than 0.15/1000.

Outlet deviation of machining hole: less than 0.5/1000.

6) machining efficiency of machine tool:

Cutting speed: determined according to the tool structure, material and workpiece material, generally 50-100m / min.

Feed speed: determined according to the processing conditions, generally 0.1-0.4mm/r.

Main technical specifications and parameters of the machine tool:

Technical specifications



Boring diameter range


Drilling diameter range


Machining depth range

1-12m(One specification per 1 m interval)

Spindle center height


Headstock spindle diameter


Front end taper hole of spindle


Spindle speed range

10-190r/min stepless

Main motor


Feed speed range (stepless)

5-300mm/min(AC servo stepless speed regulation)

rapid moving speed of carriage


Workpiece clamping diameter range


Diameter of drill  box spindle (optional)


Taper hole at the front end of drill box spindle (optional)


Speed range of drill  box (optional)

16-270r/min   12 step

feed motor

N=7.5 kw  (AC servo)

Carriage fast motor


Cooling pump motor

N=7.5 kw(3 group)

Hydraulic pump motor


Rated working pressure of cooling system


Cooling system flow


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