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Technical Parameter

I. machine tool overview
The machine can complete the boring and burnishing process of the inner hole. During machining, both the workpiece and  tool rotates and feeds at the same time. The cutting fluid enters the cutting area through the pressure head, cools and lubricates the cutting area and takes away the chips The boring method is push boring, and the cutting fluid and chips are discharged forward.
This machine tool can complete the work that the ordinary deep hole needs 2-5 working procedures. Through the combination of fine boring and burnishing, it can complete it at one time, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The machine is especially suitable for finishing all kinds of hot rolling seamless tubes.
II. Basic parameters of machine tool
Boring diameter range:  60- 350mm
Maximum depth of boring 1-8m
Workpiece clamping diameter range 100-350mm
Center height (from the flat guide rail to the center of the main shaft) 450mm
Headstock spindle aperture 85mm
Front end taper hole of spindle 1:20
Feed speed range 5-1000mm / min (stepless)
Fast moving speed 3000mm/min
Main motor 60kW AC servo
Feed motor 7.5kW, AC servo
Cooling pump motor 7.5kW two groups
Cooling system flow rate Two groups of 300L / min
Hydraulic pump motor N=1.5kW,n=1440r/min
Rated pressure of cooling system 2.5Mpa
Rated working pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa
Max. axial force of pressure head 68Kn

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